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Mid-Career Employment

Sales job

  • Job description : Sales regarding printing and web estimation according to the arrangement of clients. Required drivers' license

Profession(DTP, Web designer)

  • Job description : Designing of catalog, poster, web contents and production
  • Required qualification and experience Person with knowledgeble of illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and softwhere related Adbe, experienced as desiner(more than 3 years business experience preffered)

Profession(system engineer)

  • Job description : Making booklets using InDesign, making system of automatical composition, developing web application using PHP
  • Required qualification form, programing related business experience

*Please send these documents to Mr. Kawamukai, head of the general affairs department of Sapporo headquarters.

Curriculum vitae
resume of work experiene
About the regulation of dealing with personal information regarding employment(PDF Download)

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