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iPad Real Time Questionnaire System

Pripress Center has developed iPad Questionnaire System which can be used for multi purpose in conventions and exhibitions. The system makes it available to carry on a flexible and effective questionnare by touch panel easy operation. You can start it with no hassle by simply installing the Pripress Center's all-in-one package with iPad, system and a stand.

7 Advantages!

1. Improve instantaneousness of statistical information

Visitor analysis is available in an instant during exhibiiton.

2. Additions and changes of the items are easy!

Multiple choice and open ended questions are prepared!

3. Cost Advantages!

No need to summerize the questionnare like paper one!
Cost & time efficiency.

4. Increase questionnare collect rate!

The collect rate is high due to iPad popularity.

5. Push Type Questionnare

The system enable to make push type questionnare by putting in movies and images.

6. All-in-One!

Everything you need is ready for rent!
No need for special equipment and preparation.

7. Promotion

Realize carefull promotion using analysis of the questionnare!

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