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360°Panorama tour

VR Panorama

This is panoramic movie system that can introduce sceneries such as shops, restaurants, real estates, hospitals and ouside buildings in 360° on PC screen. We offer one stop service from shooting to making data and installing the system on your homepage. Playing by HTML5 and Flash allows to adjust display according to the browser. The system makes it possible to present the space that cannot show till then.

What is 360° PANORAMA TOUR? →Usage scenes →Price List

Sample image of 360° PANORAMA TOUR

Scenery in a company

Sapporo Snow Festival

What is 360° PANORAMA TOUR?

Available to display on portable device such as mobile or tablet

For all PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android

This 360°PANORAMA TOUR is available for a wide variety of smart phoens and tablets. It can be used as a portable presentation tool and offers more business opportunities.

Move rooms by clicking the pointer!

Panorama Tour

In-building tour is available by linking 360° PANORAMA TOUR. Moving the space freely makes you feel as if you are there. Optional functions provide more attractive presentation.

Usage scenes

For Real estate information website

The 360°PANORAMA TOUR helps those who look for model apartments of condminiums or rooms such as people transferred and entered schools, to get detailed room image. This makes it easier for customers to picture interior and lighting in the room. It can lead to contract by providing detailed information for those who cannot come to see the room.

For Schools, Hospitals, and Nursing home

It become much easier to tell atmosphere in facilities by installing PANORAMA TOUR on their homepage such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. The tour can offer a lot of accurate information, so that it's able to appeal the differences visually.

For Museum and gallery

The tour images allow reviewers to see a part of exhitions in facilities which can stimulate to visit there. Also, it is possible to compare with the previous event by archiving the event images.

Price List

Rate for taking photo
Point/ Place Rate Point/ Place Rate
1 ¥30,000 7 ¥175,000
2 ¥55,000 8 ¥197,500
3 ¥80,000 9 ¥220,000
4 ¥105,000 10 ¥242,500
5 ¥130,000 every 1 extra point + ¥20,000
6 ¥152,500

* The rate is for a day to shoot. The extra fee is charged when required 2 days or more.
 Miscellaneous expense based on Pripress Center's regulation is charged when needed accommodation and transportation fee depending on shooting venue.
 Each transportation fee is required; from Chuo-ku when shooting in within Sapporo, from Kuramae, Taito-ku when shooting in Tokyo.
For details, please contact us.

Point/ Place Basic rate Editing rate Total
1 ¥30,000 ¥0 ¥30,000
2 ¥0 ¥30,000
3 ¥5,000 ¥35,000
4 ¥10,000 ¥40,000
5 ¥15,000 ¥45,000

* The rate includes hopping among panorama images
* Every additional cut is charged JPY5,000 after 3 cuts.

Optional Rates
Contents Rate Remarks
Maps, Drawings, Floor plans ¥10,000〜 Set up maps, drawings, and/or floor plans to PANORAMA TOUR. Quotation is proposed depending on contents.
Gyrosensor ¥3,000 Function to react using devices which has gyrosensor such as iPad and iPhone.

Sample image of 360°PANORAMA TOUR

Scenery in a company
Scenery in Pripress Center Co., Ltd.

64TH Sapporo Snow Festival
Scenery of Sapporo Snow Festival

広島県にある「介護付き有料老人ホーム でじま・くにくさ」を 360°パノラマツアーで紹介しております。


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