New Year Card ProjectWe develop our business widely from package product and proposing name printed design plan to contracted New Year' s Card center business, and Website operation.

A definitive edition of Name printing support tool.
It is a service you can adjust your own design card through an internet at clients shop.

What is Raku Raku Selections

Enter Composition System which enables you to start New Year Card handle service in anywhere and immediately with computer and internet environment.
The user can use designs from Nenga Selection.

Raku Raku Selection

1Easy adjusting

You do not need to prepare special software, just make sure to have a internet connection so that you can adjust on the internet browser.

2No Need Preparing New Designs

You do not need to prepare new designs for using New Year' s Card Designs of Nenga Selection series.

3Selling handbill advertisement

We sell handbill advertisements of Nenga Selections for sales promoting. Every Illustrator data is also available (customer can customize), start Name printing business on New Year' s Card right now.

4Just type on form

Very simple to show customized preview, just type information into a form on an Internet browser. Output printing available for all who want to check it' s proofreading. Please contact to support center anytime when you do not know how to type or any other trouble.


2Send Direct Mail to get repeaters by maximizing our management system

Easily narrow access of order list, and you can check total number and amount of order through our management system immediately. You can create DM data for repeater from well-managed database of last year.

6PDF style of printing data, clear and satisfying high quality print

Download data is PDF style. Open a downloaded file from Adobe Reader and print from your own printer. High quality print is available.

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