New Year Card ProjectWe develop our business widely from package product and proposing name printed design plan to contracted New Year' s Card center business, and Website operation.

Backup to get order and provide name printing-service on New Year' s Card at your selling floor.

name printing-service on New Year' s Card

New Year' s Card Design

Pripress Center Co., Ltd. offers everything about New Year' s Card, from designing of the card to name printing services with a foothold in Sapporo.
We have a plenty of attractive categories, which you can not find any other companies, such as Green Eco New Year' s Card created by tree planting act with making agreement with Bihoro town, Kizuna New Year' s Card as a project for The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, Premium New Year' s Card made by putting together of special fancy papers on a New Year' s lottery postcard, and standard designs for all ages and Photo Card of stuffed toy and so on.

A system of following up for agency

sample book

send out direct mailsend out direct mail

We send out direct mails to customers who ordered cards from us last year under your company name.We take the customer better care as important sales following up for making them repeaters.

Provide a receiption manualProvide a receiption manual

We offer a receipt manual before starting promotion at your shop.You will accept application from customer with relief by using our 'receipt manual' as promotion kit about New Year's Card and Mourning Card.If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact to our information center, they will support with rapidity.

information center

open a information centeropen a information center

We open a information center during the application period of the New Year' s Card printing, 1st October to 24th December. We will answer all question about reception and products.Open the center everyday during the application period.

Proofreading checkProofreading check

ffer a service to check a proofread to the customers who wish to check printing image before making process of printing.We send it to reception shop by FAX or e-mail. This is a free service regardless of the number of times.

sales promotion productssales promotion products

We ready your own sales promotion tools. You will be meetings us in advance.

New Year' s CardNew Year' s Card

The New Year' s Card is offered from us. It is mostly acceptable to bring customer' s own New Year' s Card for printing, but some of them may not acceptable. Please check the receipt manual for details.

Taking an order on your website

We support web order by putting link on your company website or advertisement.We conduct all procedure to create website. Start taking order as the same time of your shop and website.We help promoting for ordering cards in diversity way.

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