New Year Card ProjectWe develop our business widely from package product and proposing name printed design plan to contracted New Year' s Card center business, and Website operation.

We secure to offer New Year’s Card for commercial use by our experienced product planning division.

New Year’s Card “KIZUNA”

Special program New Year’s Card “KIZUNA”

Charity package New Year’s Card, which you can donate to 3 disaster prefectures of Tohoku district (Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate) affected by The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in 2011.
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Show your donation by exclusive charity sticker.

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Let’s create Nenga Forest! Green eco New Year’s Card

Green eco New Year’s Card

We plant trees as “Nenga Forest” in Bihoro Town, Hokkaido by using part of sales of packaging products. The plants absorb approximately 1.5kg of carbon dioxide per a package.(※same amount of 120 soccer ball)
* 2 days worth of daily discharge amount of carbon dioxide for Adult.

“CO2 offset” is the spirit and action for absorbing CO2 and greenhouse gas discharged through human economic activity and living life by planting tree, preservation of forest and clean energy project directly or indirectly.
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Fancy character series

There is plenty of character designing series. We are dealing with 6 main character design cards, Hello Kitty, My Melody, Sanrio series, Kapibara-san, Rilakkuma, Chibi Gallery, mame shiba.

character series


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