What is Digital Signage?

Most of people may see movies or images from liquid crystal display in the street, commercial facilities, shops or public space. Digital Signage is one of the media which have received a lot of attention recently. Using liquid crystal devices connected to network, it can provide information to users.

5 Advantages to install the signage
High PR effect

It maximizes the visual effect and get a lot of attention as it provides information using sounds and movie which cannot express in paper media.

Real time data distribution

Digital Signage offers the convenience to audience as it provide the latest information.

High PR effect Real time data distribution
Consolidation of information

It allows to consolidate and distribute information to each devices remotely due to connected network.

Reduction in a variety of cost

It can cut manufacturing cost as it is alternative of posters and panels. The cost to renew the contents is only for design.

Targeting audiences

It can expect effective advertising focusing on specific targets as it's able to provide information to meet the need.

Consolidation of information Reduction in a variety of cost Targeting audiences
Structure of Network
Exhibition, Convention
Exhibition, Show room
Reception at office
Creating contents

We create signage contents.

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