Eco-Friendly Products

Ecology Calendar

100 desk calendars worth offset one larch.

We plant one larch per 100 calendars. (Worth approximately 155kg-CO2)

*Expect to preserve 310t of CO2 for planting 2,000 larches in one hectare of FSC® authenticated trees in Bihoro town, Hokkaido in two decades.
Through this planting tree activity, we plan to grow larch as raw material of FSC authenticated paper.

You can quote this activity for environmental report or company profiles as a record of environmental practice.

Green Eco New Year Card

36 packs (each packs include 3 cards) worth planting one larch.

Green Eco New Year Card (package and name printed New Year Card) is a Carbon Offset product by planting tree in Bihoro town, Hokkaido through New Year Card. 310 of Name Printed New Year Cards, 36 packs of package New Year Card (each packs include 3 cards) are worth planting one larch. Green Eco New Year Card (Carbon Offset Product) is an original product of Pripress Center Co., Ltd. aimed at donation of tree-planting project.

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