About Environmental Management System

eco action

Pripress Center Co., Ltd got a certification of ISO14001 on October 29th, 2004 and has been promoted eco friendly business. We changed environmental management system from ISO14001 to Eco action 21 that Ministry of the Environment has developed. (Date of certificate: October 23th, 2007) We keep encouraging for protection of the global environment, coexistence with local, providing environment-friendly products in a more active manner.

Basic policy for environmental protection

Environmental preservation is a theme shared by all humanity, companies need to recognize the role themselves and inspire specific actions. Pripress Center Co., Ltd. focuses on global environment, works on environmental sustainability, improvement and awareness proactively, and strives to be reliable company for the society.

Environmental policy

  1. Offer eco-friendly products and promote the sales.
  2. Keep regulations to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
  3. Work for saving energy, saving resources and proper management of waste.
  4. Upgrading of green space in the office building and around area.
  5. Reduce the environmental impacts through our business.

Environmental practice report

Environmental practice report

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