1988 Establishment as a solo proprietorship.
(Sapporo, Shiroishi Ward)
1991 Registered as a company under the name of Print Network Ltd.
(Sapporo, Chūō-ku, South 3 West 9)
Making designed artworks, selling DTP machines. Introduction of light printer AB-DICK.
Sales: JPY100,000,000 Capital: JPY 3,000,000 No. of employees: 6
1994 Introduction of Macintosh and Image setter.
Opened an output center. Regular recruitment of new graduates.
No. of employees: 10
1995 Increased capital to 10 million yen. Introduction of multiple PCs and DTP-related equipment.
Introduction of the first 90cm width large-scale inkjet printer in Hokkaido.
Installed jet printer and internet.
Sales: JPY180,000,000 Capital: JPY 10,000,000 No. of employees: 18
1996 Registered as Pripress Center Co., Ltd.
Introduction of Fuji Film Lux Scan.
Setup of large-scale inkjet printer.
Sales: JPY206,000,000 No. of employees: 20
1997 Joined Hokkaido SME Entrepreneur.
Regular recruitment of new graduates through joint recruitment activities.
Sales: JPY263,000,000 No. of employees: 24
1998 Introduction of E-Print1000 (the latest on-demand printer at that time, by Indigo), in an effort to change from DTP to Printing Business.
Started vending New Year's cards and manufacturing calendars.
Introduction of groupware Lotus Notes to all employees using PCs.
Sales: JPY313,000,000 No. of employees: 30
1999 Establishment of printing factory in Soen.
Introduction of eco-friendly on-demand offset printer (waterless printing), Quick Master DI (Heidelberg), and cutting machine.
Started multimedia operations and released a 4-series video content 'DOGA DODA'.
Increased capital to expand business.
Sales: JPY432,000,000 Capital: JPY19,250,000 No. of employees: 38
2000 Introduction of CD-R duplicator.
Opened an online shop on Rakuten Ichiba.
Sales: JPY518,000,000 No. of employees: 45
2001 Relocation of Head Office and Factory.
(Sapporo, Chūō-ku, North 2 West 14)
Increased capital for relocation.
Sales: JPY540,700,000 Capital: JPY52,500,000 No. of employees: 50
2002 Development of a DTP automation program.
Focused on automation such as development of automatic edit program and automatic printing from database.
Sales: JPY720,000,000 No. of employees: 47
2003 Installation of Komori Kikuban Saiban offset 4-color machine 'SPICA', CTP and paper folding machine, etc.

Kikuban Saiban offset 4-color machine 'SPICA'

Sales: JPY720,000,000 No. of employees: 45
2004 Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
Entrusted with the development of 'JOBWAY'.
Opened online New Year's card order site 'Cardbox'.


Sales: JPY735,000,000 No. of employees: 50
2005 'Cardbox' won the IT Keiei Hyakusen Award.
Opened Tokyo office for business expansion.
Sales: JPY825,000,000 No. of employees: 52
2006 Opened mobile site 'Mobile Store Manager' and business blog 'Kantanet' for ASP services.
Changed closing month to May.
2007 Changed environment management system from ISO 14001 to Eco Action 21 (Certification/Registration No. 0001952).
Opened calendar order site 'Calendarbox'.


Sales: JPY950,000,000 Capital: JPY85,500,000 No. of employees: 48
2008 Entrusted with the production of official posters and other related orints for the Hokkaido Toyako Summit.
Activities for the establishment of Hokkaido Green Establishing Network.
Acquired COC certification (FSC-C015418) from FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council).
Sales: JPY928,000,000 No. of employees: 48
2009 Production of a Hokkaido limited CD jacket for Ryuichi Sakamoto's single 'nord'. It won an award in the Daily Goods and Miscellaneous Goods Packaging Category of the 2009 Japan Packaging Contest.
The CSR Report produced for Ricoh Hokkaido Co., Ltd. was selected during the Semi-Grand Prix in the 2nd Media/Universal Design Competition.
Poster design created for the 61st Sapporo Snow Festival is chosen.

61st Sapporo Snow Festival

Sales: JPY953,000,000 No. of employees: 51
2010 Acquisition of privacy mark certification
Received the External Jury award at DOYU Eco 2009 (Organized by the National Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises).
Sales: JPY1,023,000,000 No. of employees: 58
2011 Received the top award at DOYU Eco 2010 (Organized by the National Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises).
Sales: JPY1,120,000,000 No. of employees: 60
2012 Relocated the Sapporo Head Office and Factory to its current locations.
Received the Jury Award at the 14th Green Purchase Award (Organized by the Green Purchase Network).
Received the 2012 Award of Good Deed from Bihoro Town, as recognition of our afforestation activities, etc.
Opened novelty good site 'Novebo' for corporations.


Sales: JPY1,238,000,000 No. of employees: 73
2013 Acquired one-star certification from 全印工連CSR 認定制度.
Won the Special Association award at the 25th Japan Web Awards.
Received the 2013 Award of Good Deed from Bihoro Town.
Established DMC Sapporo Co., Ltd. as a group company.
Sales: JPY1,310,000,000 No. of employees: 71
2014 Received management transfer for Kyoritsu Bisen Co.,Ltd. (Osaka), making it a group company.
Established branch office in Osaka at Kyoritsu Bisen Co., Ltd.
Received the 2014 Award of Good Deed from Bihoro Town, as recognition of our afforestation activities, etc.
Poster design created for the 66th Sapporo Snow Festival is chosen.

66th Sapporo Snow Festival

Established Cebu Pripress Center in Cebu, Philippines.

Cebu Pripress Center

Sales: JPY1,375,000,000 No. of employees: 84
2015 株式会社東京紙芸社より事業継承を受け、東京都墨田区にて紙器製造を開始。トムソン5台、製函機2台。

Tokyo Paper Geisha

ホームページ受注サイト「Homepage Box」サービス開始。


Pripress Center Sales: JPY1,781,380,000 No. of employees: 108
PPC Group Sales: JPY2,045,445,000 No. of employees: 152
2016 Received management transfer for Craft Co., Ltd.
(Business Content)
Processing and Sale of Metal Interleaving Paper
Reuse of used paper/film
Headquarters: 神奈川県相模原市緑区橋本台3丁目14番24号
Phone: 042-772-3335
Factory: 愛知県安城市東端町南用地22番地1
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