A Message from the President

Continuing to aim for
a sustainable company
and society

It has been 30 years since I first established my business, Pripress Center, from scratch. Within that span of time, the printing industry has gone through a wave of technological innovation. With the introduction of modern practices came the disappearance of analog processes such as phototyping, plate-making, and so on. As the usage of paper decreases year by year, there is a rising concern regarding the steady decline of print.

Since its foundation, Pripress Center has always practiced digitalization in accordance to the words "To build a new digital era". As a result, by combining "paper" and "digital", we managed to turn a disadvantage within the printing industry into an opportunity.

In the coming decade, how can we enhance human resources whilst keeping globalization in mind? Merely depending on modern technology to raise profit is not enough. What is considered valuable, in this case? It is safe to say that the answer lies in human resource development.

In 2014, we launched a design department for both Japanese and English in Cebu, Philippines. While keeping up with a diversifying society, we aim to create varied enterprises within Asia.

Pripress Center Co., Ltd.
Yasushi Fujita

株式会社プリプレス・センター 代表取締役 藤田 靖
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